This warranty covers all mopeds and motorcycles (except CR and CRF-R/X series).
Period for Motorcycles & Scooters
The period of cover under this warranty is 24 months from the date of registration or date of sale to
customer if the machine remains unregistered.

For VFR 1200 series: 36 months from the date of registration or date of sale to customer if the machine
remains unregistered.
For XR series and CRF-F series: 3 Months from date of purchase.
CRF-R models are not covered by Manufacturers warranty.
Standard Warranty 2 Years
Honda warrants that the Honda motorcycle specified on your Warranty Certificate is free from material
and manufacturing defects for the period of 2 years from the “Warranty Start Date” (3 years for
VFR1200 series).

During this period Honda will repair or replace, free of charge, any such defects found on the
motorcycle, subject to the Warranty Conditions.

The parts listed below are not covered by warranty unless they are needed as a part of an authorised
warranty repair.
  a. Parts: spark plug, fuel filter, oil filter element, air cleaner element, drive chain, brake pad, brake shoe,
      clutch disc, light bulbs, fuses, tyres, cables, hoses, rubber components (not exclusive).
  b. Fluids: oil, grease, radiator coolant, brake fluid, clutch fluid, differential fluid (not exclusive).

1. In deciding a warranty claim, your Authorised Honda Dealer will take into consideration the
following factors, where they have a material effect on the claim:
  a. Any damage resulting from neglect of the periodic maintenance specified by Honda.
  b. Any damage resulting from a repair or maintenance performed using methods not specified by
  c. Any damage resulting from the use of the product in a race, rally, or other competitive event, or
      during training for such events.
  d. Any product used as a taxi or rental vehicle.
  e. Any damage resulting from operation methods other than those stipulated in the owner’s manual
      of the product or use beyond the specified limitations (maximum load, passenger capacity, engine
  f. Any damage resulting from the use of non-genuine Honda parts, other than recommended
     lubricants and fluids, and accessories other than those approved by Honda. Honda products
     should be serviced using genuine Honda parts, regardless of the products age or warranty validity.
  g. Any damage resulting from modifications not approved by Honda, including but not restricted to
     engine performance modification, body modification, suspension modification, electrical 
     illumination device modification.
  h. Any damage resulting from fuel contamination, degradation, or improper fuelling.
  i. Any damage or deterioration due to the passage of time (natural fading of painted or plated
     surfaces, sheet peeling, corrosion, and other natural deterioration).
  j. Any damage resulting from improper storage or transport.
  k. Consumable replacement parts. Honda does not warrant parts deterioration due to natural wear
      and tear. Refer to the Standard Warranty Conditions for details of parts not covered.
  l. Cleaning, inspection, adjustment, and other periodic maintenance work would be the
     responsibility of the customer.
  m. Any work done by unauthorised third parties, and any costs for work to correct improper or faulty
      repair work performed.
  n. Any damage resulting from unavoidable natural disaster, fire, collision, theft, and damage
     secondary to such occurrences.
  o. Any damage resulting from exposure of the motorcycle to soot and smoke, chemical agents, bird
     droppings, seawater, sea breeze, salt and other environmental phenomena. Damage and
     degradation due to environmental phenomena is beyond the control of Honda and therefore is
     not subject to warranty
  p. Any motorcycle that has had its identification number altered, tampered with or removed.
  q. The warranty is void on any vehicle that has been (not limited to) written off, dismantled, rebuilt,
      salvaged, damaged by fire or water, exceeded mechanical limits, or where the odometer does not
      reflect the actual mileage.

2. The warranty does not cover the cost of normal servicing, nor such service items as filters etc.
Similarly, items which can be expected to wear as part of their normal function (refer to the
Standard Warranty Conditions) are not covered unless there is a manufacturing defect.

3. Expenses incidental to the warranty claim, other than those specified, are not covered. Examples
  • Expenses incurred for towing, communications, accommodation, meals, and other
items due to breakdown.
  • Any expense related to personal injury or accidental property damage.
Honda European Warranty Conditions MC V.01
  • Compensation for loss of time, commercial losses, or rental cost for a substitute
motorcycle during the period of repair.

4. Honda reserves the right to decide the extent and method of the remedial repair.

5. All parts removed during a warranty repair become the property of Honda.

6. All parts replaced under Warranty are covered for the remainder of the warranty period.

7. Honda reserves the right to make alterations and improvements to any model without obligation to
do so to motorcycles already sold.

The Owner’s Responsibility is to:
Ensure that your motorcycle is serviced and checked in accordance with
the specifications printed in the motorcycle owner’s manual, the service
reminder system on the motorcycle or the service reminder schedule
available in the owner`s handbook.

Promptly notify your Authorised Honda Dealer of any defect on the
motorcycle which may result in a warranty claim.

Bring your Warranty Certificate with you when you visit your Authorised
Honda Dealer.

The Authorised Honda Dealer’s Obligation is to:
Register the motorcycle for warranty and inform the customer of the
Honda Warranty.

Explain fully the owner’s responsibilities for maintaining and servicing the

Ensure that any servicing or repairs whether under warranty or not, are
completed to the standards specified by Honda.

Undertake any repairs necessary on any proven defect covered by this
warranty at no cost to the customer.

Your warranty will be honoured in most European countries as stated in the warranty conditions. But be
aware of the following recommendations:

1. Ensure that your motorcycle is checked at your Honda Dealer prior to your trip.

2. Pay particular attention to periodic checks, as you may cover many miles at high speed with a
heavier than normal load.

3. It is strongly advised that adequate travel insurance is obtained to cover unforeseen
circumstances. Please consult your insurers or any motorcycling organisations.

4. Some European countries have legal requirements regarding certain “touring accessories”.
Please check this with your Honda Dealer before making your journey. Honda provides a range of
accessories available from your Authorised Honda Dealer.

5. It is important that you take this document and warranty conditions with you. It is your proof
that your motorcycle is covered by warranty and that any required services have been carried out.

6. We recommend that whilst travelling abroad only warranty repairs of an emergency or safety
related nature are dealt with and others are referred to your local Authorised Honda Dealer upon

Honda (UK) warrants the Honda Genuine Accessories manufactured for use in Europe on Honda
motorcycles, to be free of defects in materials or workmanship for the following periods:
Accessory Warranty

1. All accessories installed at PDI are covered by a 2-year warranty (3 years for VFR1200 Series),
beginning on the date of the motorcycle’s first registration.

2. All accessories installed by a Honda Dealer after the vehicle’s PDI are covered by a 1-year
warranty from the date of fitment, or the balance of the remainder of the warranty, whichever is

3. All accessories installed by a Honda Dealer outside of the warranty period are covered by a 1-
year warranty from the date of fitment.

Any damage resulting from the installation of accessories that were not installed by an Authorised
Honda Dealer is not covered by the warranty.

Contact information regarding roadside assistance can be found in your personal Digital Service Record.